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About Us – Center for Natural Alternative Solutions

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Natural Alternative Solutions. We have been using natural progesterone cream and other natural health products for many years. We are passionate about offering natural products, alternative thinking, and solutions for life.  It is not only our business but our mission to provide helpful information and solutions to individuals experiencing hormonal imbalances due to the varying stages leading to menopause and andropause.

Our bodies are always changing. We are born, grow up and go through puberty, adulthood, and then as we near middle age we experience the changes of menopause or andropause. These are normal and natural changes. However, if we are aware of why these changes are happening, we are empowered to take control of our bodies and take steps to feel good and healthy as long as possible.

The Center for Natural and Alternative Solutions is owned and operated by Marilyn Ellsworth Brown. Marilyn’s intent is to retain a personal approach with her customers, and to be a valued resource to them as they go through hormonal changes. That’s why, when you call us or send an email, you’ll be hearing back from Marilyn.  When you read our blog, you’ll read articles from Marilyn as she spreads her knowledge , shares her passions, and provides you with information from other experts.

 You can read more about Marilyn and her story here.

We offer natural balancing creams, supplements, books, and saliva testing kits. Read our blog and visit us on Facebook to receive plentiful, valuable resources to lead a phenomenal life!

Marilyn Ellsworth Brown

Company Owner, Center for Natural Alternative Solutions

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