DHEA Cream for Women is a special formulation of DHEA, Progesterone, Pregnenolone and Chrysin. DHEA is for women who want to maintain hormone levels of a healthy, young woman, and minimize the diseases of aging associated with low hormone levels. Progesterone levels decline dramatically as we age. When proportionally more estrogen than progesterone is present in the body, Estrogen Dominance occurs. Estrogen Dominance also increases the risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. 

Possible benefits of DHEA use:
Increased muscle strength and endurance
Lower LDL and total cholesterol
Improved memory
Strengthened immune system (by stimulating T-lymphocyte production)
Improved weight loss (by increasing fat metabolism through therogenesis and decreased appetite)
Maintained bone density (by improving calcium absorption due to its effects on vitamin D metabolism)
Increased resistance to stress (through its impact on adrenal function.)
Transdermal absorption achieves higher blood levels without first pass breakdown by the liver
Increased testosterone level
Anti-depressant effects

Who needs DHEA cream for women?

Women who continue to have low DHEA and testosterone levels while using supplemental natural progesterone may want to consider using DHEA Cream for Women. In addition to DHEA, DHEA Cream contains approximately the same amount of natural USP progesterone as our natural progesterone cream. DHEA is also converted by the body to testosterone, as needed. The ingredients found within DHEA Cream for Women are natural compounds derived from all natural resources. 1.7 ounce airless pump.

DHEA Cream for Women

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  • Women apply 1/4 teaspoon cream into hairless areas such as abdomen, shoulders or the underside of arms. Rotate areas to avoid saturation. 1/4 teaspoon one or two times daily – morning and evening – preferably after bathing. 46 1/4 teaspoons per 2 ounce tube.