Essential Moisture Plus Vaginal Cream may be helpful for women whose chief complaint is vaginal irritation, dryness, itching, and painful intercourse. As many as half of the 40 million postmenopausal women in the United States suffer from vaginal dryness.

Who would benefit from using a vaginal cream? Vaginal cream is intended for women who have vaginal irritation, dryness, itching, and painful intercourse.

What is atrophic vaginitis? Atrophic vaginitis is a skin condition of the vulva and vagina. It occurs when a hormone called estrogen is lacking in the body. Atrophic vaginitis can occur at any age, but it most commonly occurs in menopausal women.

What are the signs and symptoms of atrophic vaginitis?
Common signs and symptoms include:
Problems with urination
Vulva itching and/or burning

Essential Moisture Plus

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  • Apply locally to vaginal tissues. Use a l/4 tsp. daily for first week and 3-5 times weekly as needed. 2 ounce tube.

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