Fem Power Libido Enhancer for Women is a safe, unique sex enhancing product which helps women achieve their greatest sexual sensitivity. About 80% of women studied found that the cream extended their sexual experience. The other 20% reported improved responses through three or more successive uses. The active ingredients are found naturally in some plants.

Arginine is an essential amino acid. In supplement form it is known as “L-arginine.” L-arginine is the main source of the primary molecule nitric oxide, which is responsible for sexual arousal in women. Without arginine, there is no nitric oxide and no sexual arousal. In research on women, L-arginine in supplement form has been reported to increase the intensity of sensation during sex. That is because nitric oxide stimulates blood flow to the genitals leading to orgasm. FemPower also contains natural progesterone.
There are no known side effects.

FemPower Libido Enhancer for Women is a gel with L-Arginine, an amino acid, which when topically applied increases responsiveness.  1 ounce pump bottle.

Fem Power Libido Enhancer

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  • Apply small amount to vaginal area before intercourse.