Simplee Wonderful personal lubricant has been specially formulated to reduce dryness and intensify feeling. Since it is glycerin based it really does a wonderful job of lubricating before or during intercourse.


As women age and go through menopause many of them suffer from vaginal dryness. This can cause uncomfortable and even painful intercourse. Simplee Wonderful vaginal gel personal lubricant can make intercourse much more enjoyable. It can be used as often as desired for more pleasurable sex. 1.7 oz pump

• All Natural
• No Mineral Oil
• Plant Derivative
• Relieves Dryness
• Non Staining
• Relieves Irritation
• Odorless
• Greaseless
• No Preservatives
• PH Balanced

Simplee Wonderful Personal Lubricant

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  • Put a small amount of gel on fingertip and apply to the vaginal opening as often as needed.